I love to study and capture light on almost any subject matter and that inspires me to paint many different things which I love.  I am constantly challenged by that and it feeds my insatiable curiosity and endless fascination with this amazing painting journey that I am blessed to be a part of.   These paintings are a part of my exploration into all kinds of different genre's as I aim to capture light and also play in gorgeous color every day.   Please enjoy!   


Blessed and Humbled every single time someone picks one of my paintings to grace their beautiful home.   I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I do with paint.    I have this belief that my paintings always so where they are supposed to go and that makes me so grateful.   I love when I get to see where my paintings are hanging happily ever after! 

Visit with me as I paint my way into Peace and Grace through this painting journey.   I love to share my latest paintings and learnings along the way as an Artist and also as a Person.  I would love to hear back what you are working on too and your latest discoveries.   Connection and Sharing are what it's all about for me.    Sign up here for my twice weekly Journal Postings.