Sunlit Tulips in Window Sill

Sunlit Tulips in Window Sill ©Kathy Cousart

11 x 14 Oil on Linen


Alright, I guess it’s time I admit it…I seem to have an addiction and it is painting flowers in a window sill.  At this point I should call this a series and do them some justice.  I believe this is at least the 6th painting  and will have to do a post with them all together.    I think I love painting in the window sills because for me it is all about capturing the light and the effect that has on my subject matter!   I love flowers and learning to paint them has been such a joy for me.

I continue being busy working on my commissions but can’t show them yet until they are out to their proper commissionees.  I can finally share with y’all a fun project for a surprise First Mother’s Day best gift ever.   I had a wonderful new dad, Lyle, contact me wanting to get his wife, Lucy, a really special painting for her very First Mother’s Day.  I was immediately smitten and on board and scrambling to help out this super thoughtful new dad.  I had some paintings I had not posted yet and one was just perfect.  So, we decided what Lucy might like best and of course had newborn Maggie in mind and it all just came together so beautifully.   I was so tickled to be a part of it and had a hard time not blogging about it earlier.  I am attaching a beautiful photo of new mom Lucy and beautiful baby Maggie with said painting.  We decided the title of the painting is “Maggie’s Mother’s Day Marsh”.  This is what it is all about for me.  Thanks y’all!!

Lucy, Maggie and Maggie's Mother's Day Marsh Painting- Happy First Mother's Day!