Shrimp Squared

Shrimp Squared ©Kathy Cousart

12 x 12 Oil on Linen


Love painting shrimp boats and I like this one done square.  The square format makes that sky just pop above and your eye can travel  just like the shrimp boat.  I am having fun working with the plein air studies from my two recent trips to Saint Simon’s Island so have lots of new material to paint from.

I have had the busiest few weeks with the PGA Tour tournament and now NCAA golf out at the UGA Course with that awesome trip to paint with special friends down at SSI sandwiched in between.   I am excited that I sold quite a few paintings in just the last few weeks!   Also, I am honored to have several special commission requests from golf and bulldog friends and fans that were in town so am getting geared up to work on those.   Looking forward to it and appreciate the opportunity to paint some special paintings for folks.  I feel like I just keep learning so much everyday and love every minute of it.  I am also thankful for new collectors and the fun of sharing my art.