The Gift

I have been busier then I could have imagined with painting and also spending so much precious time with my very best sister friend Meg here in Athens as she battled lung cancer.   Meg just recently passed away peacefully just the way she wanted to.   I am leaning hard on Faith and Grace to believe she is now at Peace and also feeling that I have a new Angel up in Heaven.   I have so many Blessings coming my way and was telling my husband Dave that.  He smiled and said that Meg was very busy!   I love that feeling and connection even now.   


I paint almost everyday and love to keep my Galleries filled with my newest paintings.   I have been all over the Southeast restocking everyone and will finish up with my Charleston Gallery next week.   I built a new website a few months ago (www, and you can see all of those paintings under Galleries.  Each Gallery has their very own page so you can see the full body of work there.  Each Gallery also has their very own website and there is a link for that there too!   Paintings that are not in Galleries and are available through me are under Artwork/Paintings.   I have a wonderful section of small collectables with paintings for just about every occasion- hope you will take a peek there too. 


Thank you for taking up a bit of time with me today.  I am going to end with a favorite quote from my Meg that I told her I was borrowing.   “Make the Most of this Magnificent Day!"