My Apologies and Sunlight Dancing As One

I am so sorry and need to apologize for my lack of Journal Posts and getting this new Journal of Grace off the ground.   Truth is I am so worried about saying the right thing and something very important that I keep putting it off until I can do this amazing job.   And it's a whole different format than I am used to.   I have been so swamped with painting for all my Galleries and that always takes precedence with me.   I am working on a better balance to my life....More "Grace" for myself to take a breath.   I could work and paint long 12-14 hour days and do nothing else....that is not a good thing.   So I am a work in progress and working on giving myself the chance to balance it all a bit better.   I would love to hear how you all balance it all and also find that "Grace" that we all need on a daily basis.    

Thank you for understanding....more and better Journal posts will be coming regularly with those free gift aways and some other exciting news.    Blessings Y'all!